Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!  At Corners Outreach, we are motivated to reach an entire community of people who deserve love, support, and encouragement. We look forward to meeting you!



  • Homework club tutoring

  • Translate parent/teacher conferences (must be bilingual)

  • Donate healthy snacks and/or electronics

  • Be a mystery reader or mystery guest who shares a story about you or your career.

  • Supply funds to support us (clinic supplies, school supplies, etc.)

  • Help with pre-K during some mornings (volunteer, give supplies/books/play items for toddlers)

  • Help with soccer on Wednesdays at Hightower/Kingsley's club

Email us at info@cornersoutreach.org and we’ll coordinate with you on the best and quickest way you can start volunteering.


  • Help with teen night (Mondays, 6PM - 8PM, Berkeley Lake Club)

  • Be a guest speaker for a workshop

  • Sponsor a field trip

  • Drive the bus

  • Help organize the teen board/leadership committee

  • Connect a teen to High School, College, or early 20's mentor

  • Bring food for teen night

Email us at info@cornersoutreach.org.


  • Provide transportation to workshops

  • Share information at a workshop about parenting, financials, career, etc.

  • Sponsor a meal – mom’s breakfast

  • Translate for parents (must be bilingual)

Email us at info@cornersoutreach.org.


  • Spread the word

  • Connect us to equipment

  • Volunteer day/serve day – serve with us – do a project at a school or church partner

  • Speak to your HOA

  • Speak to your church

  • Speak to your business

  • Give us ideas for projects

Email us at info@cornersoutreach.org.

Events & Holidays

  • Donate photography or video

  • Serve at the CO table at an event

  • Spread the word on social for events

  • Make birthday cupcakes

Email us at info@cornersoutreach.org.

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