Corners Industries Lawn Services
Lawn Care with a Purpose


Corners Industries employs the parents of students at Corners Academy, allowing the parents to be paid better wages and work less hours so they can take a bigger role in their children's lives.  

Why choose us?

  • Impeccable yard created by our team of professionals with over 40 years of experience

  • 15% of all profits go to Corners Academy, an individualized tutoring program that improves high school graduation rates in our community.

  • Services are tax deductible*

We will respond to you within 1 business day of your request.  

Thank you for your support!

*15% of your payment is tax deductible since that is the amount donated to Corners Academy.


Corners Industries At A Glance

We've got big goals, and we're going places.  From for a quick view of how we are working toward becoming a self-sustaining non-profit, check out our Corners Industries infographic.

Laura Story Yard.jpg

"If you are in the Atlanta area and need some help with your yard (for instance, if you have a newborn or just hate yard work), one of @perimeteratl ‘s ministry partners has started a lawn care business that pays fair wages to their employees and a percentage of the proceeds go to tutoring kids in lower income areas. Check out Great folks that do a great job!"
- Laura Story