Corners Compass

Developed by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

Developed by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

The eight abilities that strengthen your inner compass are:









Why is it important that we teach social-emotional skills to our students? Won’t they learn these things along the way without our intervention?  

The answer is often times, no.  Many loving, well-meaning parents are not equipped with social-emotional skills (often because they had no one to teach them) and therefore cannot pass them along to their children. 

Research shows that when schools and after-school programs spend intentional time teaching social-emotional curriculum, students can improve academic achievement by an average of 11 points, increase student attitudes towards school, and reduce depression and stress among students.  By adding social-emotional wellness to our time at Corners, we increase a students’ success both in their school work and for their life.  



Larry Campbell, our executive director, recently met with a top CEO coach in Atlanta.  When she heard about this work on Compass, she said, “this is the most important thing you can teach. I work with CEOs to learn these things, because they never learned them before, and they need these skills to be successful in business and life.”

We are always learning, growing, and changing. When we work on these abilities in ourselves, we make the teaching and sharing of them easier with our students.  When we debunk the theory that says kids need to learn and adults know everything, we join our students on the lovely journey of lifelong learning. At Corners, our staff is working on growing these abilities at the same time as our kids. We recognize and celebrate the fact that learning is a lifelong endeavor that can be a lifelong joy.

We could not have done this curriculum without the help of Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell, creator of the compass and many great works on positive youth development.  Dr. Price-Mitchell has donated her time and her resources to Corners Outreach and we are so grateful! She serves as a constant example of living out these abilities and celebrating lifelong learning.  You can find more about her own story of growth and change as she went from a Fortune 500 employee to a developmental psychologist at and more about her work in positive youth development at

At Corners Outreach, we stand against discrimination and bullying, and take an anti-racism approach to our community work. We believe that each person has the right to a job with a living wage, an education, a welcoming community, and a chance to better themselves and give back to others.